Albert Arthur Allen: forgotten American nudes of the 1920’s. — 15 Comments

  1. Great page, well researched. Allen also directed the 13 min. nudie short film “Forbidden Daughters” (1927) which was pretty racy for its time. Been trying to find out if he did other films.

  2. All old ladies had youth once, and the same is true for men. If you learn to appreciate their youth, it helps you appreciate their present state.

    Love this post.

  3. This work understands women as: they are within fashion and the constraints of life/textiles & technology; the pure form needs that a model can provide; and an alluring, erotic view of women that we have already seen stripped. This is all very good but should the dark skinned lady (with a very good ‘presentation’) have been made to sit it out until last? He got his exposures right(enough of the time)and he believed

  4. I need someone to contact me who may be interested or have knowledge of someone interested in the missing nude number 10 of part of the alto series call me at 3079202199

  5. Amazing, his photographs are so like ones I have seen recently on modern photographers’ web sites…there is nothing ‘new’! I like his poses because of the languid non sexualised way he arranged his models. He was definitely a Victorian but way ahead of his time also

  6. My father, Frederick Arthur Allen recently passed away leaving me some of my grandfather’s original glass plates along with a few of his oil paintings.
    Not sure of their value or historical significance. May also be able to provide some information concerning his later years. I lived with him and my grandmother Genevieve for most of my childhood.

  7. I have a set of 6 sepia photographs by this artist which are landscapes: Yosemite, Monterey & Lake Tahoe. They are clearly signed and dated. They were given to me by my father many years ago and I have no idea of their provenance. I would like some idea of their value for insurance purposes only.

  8. Very well researched page here. The models have a type of female beauty that has long since passed. The only disheartening thing is seeing how early in the century that these photos were taken that the unfortunate practice of shaving under the arms had taken such hold. Thank God the mass conversion to the practice of removing pubic hair still had another 70 years or so to come into place.

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