Introducing the Ladybirds — 4 Comments

  1. Turns out there are in fact two topless groups called The Ladybirds (as amazing as that may seem). The more brunette band are the Americans and the more blonde band are the Swedes (or Danes, that point seems unclear).

  2. There were three all-girl music groups during the 1960s. There was a group from England called The Ladybirds (not topless), a group from Denmark (topless) and a group from the United States (topless).

  3. Ladybirds come from Denmark I knew the group personally og e taler Dansk!!! Met the organplayer in Aalborg lived at the same B&B in Hasseris Aalborg ,She joined later, Met them on a gig on a seaside hotel in Zürich Switzerland in the autumn of 1969. They played quite good Yours Robin the Raver DJ

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